Let's give some lovin' to the much maligned bus

It's expensive to build heavy rail / subway systems in this country. In fact, it was about $2 billion per mile for the Second Avenue subway line in New York.

So it's time to give some good lovin' to the much maligned bus.

That's what Salon did recently. And the CTA is too, with its first foray into Bus Rapid Transit on the South Side. That project will cost just $11 million. The pilot implementation project extends the length of the Jeffery bus corridor (from 67th Street – 103rd Street) with dedicated lanes along Jeffery Boulevard between 83rd Street and 67th Street.

It's not a full-fledged implementation, since there are no pre-pay stations to speed boarding. But it's a good start.

So give some lovin' the the bus!




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  • Doig said:

    "Buses take forever, then arrive two at a time." Nope. The CTA standard has been three at a time.

    "Chicago is even letting its buses drive on the expressway shoulders during rush hour." Unmentioned by Doig, that's Pace.

    But to summarize, Chicago is making both the bus and the L unrideable.At least until such time as there is sufficient bus capacity to enforce the behind the line rule, the new L cars, if they work, are not designed as cattle cars, and the rumor district299reader Anonymous #3764 mentioned 2 days and 17 hours ago is put to rest. $10 million thrown at Jeffery Blvd. isn't going to make much difference.

  • In reply to jack:

    $10 million strikes me as dirt cheap. A lot of difference is perception. If it seems that the Jeffery "BRT" is zipping past a lot of cars in it's own lane between and 83rd and 67th, and the signals seem green just when needed, then that will count for much more than the minutes of actual time savings. And lets not forget reliability. If there are fewer unexpected time delays then that too will count for a lot.

  • In reply to wegerje:

    "Dirt cheap" is undoubtedly undebateable. Whether it buys something effective is debateable.

  • This is a little off topic, but at least relates to transportation. Have you noticed how many parking tickets are being issued in Chicago? I was walking in my neighborhood (see handle) today (Sunday), and there were three tickets on my block alone, two for no front license plates and one for no city sticker.

  • Right as I was leaving for work WBBM reported smoke coming from the tunnel at Grand. I took a bus over to the lake shore and an express to work. Sure beats standing around waiting for a train.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    I see from the story in the Tribune on this that a Stroger hack apparently got a job with the CTA. Unless it is someone with the same name.

  • Now there's some kind of medical emergency that's stalling trains at Belmont. I guess I'll take a couple of buses home as well.

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