Weekend rail ridership grows in both Chicago and New York

The story out of New York this week is that weekend subway ridership in 2011 grew to its highest total since 1947. There were 5.4 million weekend riders on New York's subway in 2011. In 1947, there were 5.6 million riders.

But New York is not the only city seeing a big increase in weekend riders. In Chicago, weekend rail riders increased by more than 7%, with about 750,000 weekend rail riders in 2011, compared to 723,000 in 2010.

The CTA has seen steady overall ridership growth in the last few years. In 2011, there were 532 million total riders - a 3% increase form the 517 million rides in 2010.

So, bitch as we might about the CTA, we sure are using it more.


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  • Or at least making more unlinked trips and more estimated platform crossovers.

    Wonder if there are any statistics on whether fare revenue collections are up.

  • In most businesses, increased patronage results in increased revenue. Any numbers to back that up from the CTA?

  • In reply to boofoochoochoo:

    Only by indirection, and so far not by day. The 2012 budget says that for 2011, "The average fare paid in 2011, including cross-platform transfers, is projected to be $1.00." [page 21] Occasionally they report the number of and half fare free rides.

    Also going into the average fare per trip are the 30 day, 7 day, etc. passes.The Ridership Report has the kind of numbers I cited in the first post above, and as I have previously noted, both Kruesi and Claypool have used them to say that they should be getting almost all of the RTA money, ignoring passenger miles, Kruesi at the time saying "we only get a 91 cent subsidy per ride" leaving out that then they collected about 93 cents.

    Since CTA doesn't sell 10 ride tickets or the like, the real question would be on the weekend the proportion of riders that use transit cards or Chicago Cards preloaded with cash vs. those that use the Chicago Card Plus and the 1- 3- 7- and 30-day passes. Except for the 1-day or 3-day ones, they essentially are not paying more to ride on the weekend.

    At least CTA is no longer selling SuperTransfers, the only current equivalent today being the Metra Weekend Fare (one fare good for the whole day, regardless of the number of rides).

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