Vote for your choice on the CTA Red Purple Modernization project

Take a moment to vote for your preference on the Red Purple Modernization alternatives.

I took the liberty of excluding the "No Action" alternative because that's just dumb.

Read details about Modernization with Station Consolidation.

Read details about Modernization without Station Consolidation.

Basic Rehab with Transfer Stations means strategic repairs to reach the most basic state of good repair, plus transfer stations for the Purple Line at Loyola and Wilson.

I voted for Modernization without Station Consolidation. I like the transit-oriented development that currently exists around Jarvis, Thorndale and Lawrence, and don't want to see it go away if those stations are closed.

Tell us why you voted the way you did in comments.

And while you're at it, tell the CTA.

Snail mail:
Chicago Transit Authority
Strategic Planning & Policy, 10th Floor
Attn: Steve Hands
567 W Lake St
Chicago, IL 60680-1465


Fax: 1-312-681-4195

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  • I voted for Modernization without Consolidation, but would still prefer to see a mixture of the with and without consolidation plans to truly maximize the efficiency of the Purple Line as an express route.

  • I'd like to see gold plated cars made by Daimler-Benz, too (not their Adtranz subsidiary sold to Bombardier). So, I guess I'm not voting in this fantasy league.

    Also, just like I'm supposed to call my congressperson today for some reason or another (according to the TV), and unlike the last time when we were supposed to put up questions for Mr. Corporate Speak, I'm not giving advice to deaf ears, at least without a consulting contract. CTA can show me that it has the $2B in construction money and $1M to me for a consultant contract first.

  • I voted for modernization with closures. There's no reason for the Red Line to have as many stops as it has in that area. It looks to me that the exits on the remaining stations would be ample. Not to mention the additional exits would be helpful in emergencies.

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