Movies with the best train scenes: No. 4 - "Batman Begins" fight scene

In this week leading up to the 84th Academy Awards, CTA Tattler will feature the top 5 films with the best train or subway scenes. The train scene in "Batman Begins" comes in at No. 4.

In the futuristic Gotham City - looking very much like Chicago - Batman (Christian Bale) has a final battle with Henry Ducard (Liam Neeson) aboard what could be a CTA rail car. Maybe the Green Line?

I love the dark look of the city, and the multi-tiered 'L' in this scene.And then, there's the train careening off the track.

In case you missed it yesterday, "Kontroll," a film set in the Budapest subway, was my No. 5 movie with the best train scenes.


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  • I had mentioned on Jan 26 the Freddie Prinze movie, "The Million Dollar Rip-Off."

    At least they were using CTA trains to depict the CTA.

    And I guess that the robbery gang on the Green Line isn't news.

  • In reply to jack:

    Sorry, you had it on Feb. 19, and the news really didn't get it until Feb. 21.

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