Graffiti cleaned from Rockwell platform a week after CTA gets tweet

Earlier this week I wrote about research that showed most tweets about the CTA were negative in nature. One of those, "well duh" research projects.

Paul Fisher on Jan. 30 tweeted a photo that showed graffiti on the Rockwell Brown Line platform. He wondered in the tweet "when will this get cleaned off?"

He got his answer a week later, and tweeted the "after" photo of the clean platform: "cta thank you for cleaning up the graffiti at the Rockwell stop. Looks 100x better."

Kudos to both Paul and the CTA for harnessing the power of social media for the common good.


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  • Took a week to get clean!!??

  • Or maybe they got 24 calls to "Customer Service." No, those always get ignored, unless for a change the supervisor actually looked at it as promised. Or maybe it showed up on the security camera.

    With regard to cause and effect, one has to prove that this is different than a wrestler leaving town after losing a "loser leaves town" match.

    At least the CTA did clean it up, which is all that counts.

  • Once again, Brown line with the preferential treatment. If I sent a Tweet with every mess I saw on the Red Line, Id blow up Twitter, and Im sure no one at CTA would bat an eyebrow.

  • The people that live off the Brown line have such an entirely different CTA experience than the rest of Chicago. Not only are nearly all stations recently rehabbed, but the trains are generally quite clean and its rare to have crazy people on the Brown line. The Red line is far too frequently a very unpleasant experience on many levels.

  • In reply to Matt:

    And her's a video of a typical reason the Red Line is unpleasant:

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    While the comments there point out that it was the Red, rather than Blue, Line, I guess it reinforces Roe Conn's statement that the only reason for the Airport Express as then proposed was that "someone wouldn't pee on your shoe."

    Probably also irony is that at about :45 or so, Mr. CTA says to report any suspicious behavior to the operator, but the guy is engaged in suspicious behavior right in front of the call button.

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