Chicago L Hangman tests your knowledge of CTA stations

Feeling bored and ready for a CTA challenge? Try your hand at Chicago L Hangman.

The game was created by Michael Jantzen of Washington, D.C. The idea is to guess an L station name without missing more than five letters. He includes all 143 stations, so some are easier than others, such at 87th - where he spots us the 8 and 7.

Jantzen also created similar games for the Washington Metro and Paris Metro.

Big tip of the hat to GridChicago.



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  • This. Is. Addictive.

  • 54TH/CERMAK was really easy also, but then instead of "Way to Go!" it posted "Go Cubs!"

    So I'm never going back there again.

  • I got the "Go Cubs!" thing after solving "35/Sox" and thought that was really funny, so I took a screen shot of it.

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