Ranting racist CTA passenger sounds like he "lives in a van by the river"

We've written many times about loud, obnoxious cellers on the CTA who scream into the phone about bloody moles and what they are ordering for dinner. But this guy takes the cake.

He literally screams the entire time about the current situation in Israel with the the Palestinians. And he sounds an awful lot like Chris Farley in the Saturday Night Live skit, where he "lives in a van by the river."

Some of his ranting and ravings:

"I'm tired of having tall buildings in New York destroyed because the U.S. government is supporting Israel. I'm tired of it! I don't want anymore U.S. targets destroyed because Israel can't get along with the stinking Palestinians."

There's also racist comments too. So perhaps NSFW.

Hat tip to Chicago News Report.


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  • It's hard to tell but that looks like it's on a bus, no?
    For crying out loud - why didn't the driver kick him off?

    I've seen some drivers that refuse to move the bus until a passenger turns down the volume on their earbuds. But this one just let the bum scream - SCREAM - while they drive on?

  • When I first read the title regarding a racist passenger, I said to myself that it's got to be a white person, and I was right.

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    ..at least six minutes and probably more of this, and bus driver lets it go on and on???

    ..whomever recorded this, please call the CTA and let them know what bus, what day and time this was. This driver needs to be replaced by one who will do his job. We are supposed to ride a bus and put up with this crap??

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    I sure as hell would not put up with this redneck's crap. Hell, if the driver didn't shut him up, I would have to pull something drastic, and that's literally throwing his ass out of the door at the next stop. Buddy, I don't care if you have somewhere to go, ya should've kept your mouth shut.

  • Wow. Just wow. Why didn't someone do something about this guy?

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Are you going to take on some nutcase????

    Oh, I forgot, you don't read me.

    Maybe Rahm will ride that line instead of you. He'll take care of him.

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