Former CTA board chairwoman named to RTA board by Rahm

The Regional Transportation Authority board will soon welcome a new member with intimate knowledge of the CTA - its former board chair, Carole Brown. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday named Brown to a vacant spot on the RTA board.

Meanwhile, in other appointment news, Kevin Irvine was appointed to the CTA board. Irvine "has served since last year on a task force that recommends improvements to increase accessibility for disabled riders at CTA rail stations," according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Brown appointment is a good move. The RTA could use someone with her smarts in finance, and keen knowledge of the budget challenges facing the CTA.

Brown was way ahead of the social media game for the CTA. She started her Ask Carole blog in April 2005 " to answer some of the questions people have been asking about the CTA's funding situation. "



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  • In short, brag up Brown for her deficiencies.

    If Brown were really big in the "social media game," she would have replied responsively to the comments and kept up her blog, instead of neglecting it for her last year, and then deleting all the comments when she left.

    Let's then remember that her finance experience was at Lehman Bros., the bankruptcy of which precipitated the 2008 crash.

    Then, while she was ex officio a member of the RTA board, she exhibited, including on her "award winning blog" total ignorance of the other parts of the RTA, including posting b.s. about how Metra fares from Kennilworth were less than CTA fares (she had to deeply qualify that) and that Pace was running paratransit out of its divisions (had to admit that she was misinformed about that).

    She was also the champion of the Real Estate Transfer Tax, not foreseeing the cratering of the real estate market in Chicago, and leading to much of the deficit F.K. Claypool now blames on the unions.

    Speaking of which, the original Kruesi was fine until she was delighted that Daley appointed Huberman, showing a lack of responsibility when she was on the CTA Board.

    Given that the RTA is now a totally do nothing agency, Rahm just gave an old hand who didn't have time for her last public job and thus quit $25K a year to just show up.

    So, Kevin, what compels you to praise recycled deadwood?

  • Ha ha! You took the bait Jack. I was expecting you to bash her and you did. Brown was not perfect, but I still think she's a good choice for the RTA board. There's not much you like about the CTA, and I have come to accept that.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and not getting any results. At least Brown did something the last time, but it blew up in the taxpayers' faces.

    Let us know when Emanuel appoints Todd Stroger to some position like this. After all, the poor boy is unemployed, the last I heard.

    Also, let us know why Rahm has such a disdainful view of transit governance, which is the real point. He can tell taxi drivers what to do, but apparently can't straighten out messes that he claims are within his jurisdiction.

  • In reply to jack:

    I really don't know what you're talking about. I think Rahm and Forrest have both done plenty since taking office, including:

    Covering all rail lines with cameras.
    Starting the CTA Renew Crew.
    Got the CTA into social media.
    Expanded Bus Tracker to bud shelters.

    Sometimes I think your hatred of the CTA gets in the way of the facts.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    No, it isn't hatred, and you are the one who ignores the facts. Tell us why.

    Covering all railines with cameras was based on preexisting Homeland Security Grants for instance. You say that Carol got them into social media, and my point is--if the trains don't run on time, who cares?

    Let's remember that when you posed the hard question to Claypool in July about regional coordination, he walked out and never called back.

    As far as transit governance, I mentioned here many times that the MTA Act says that the CTA Board is to be composed of persons of business experience, and select an Executive Director with transportation experience. You tell me if either has happened in the recent past. That's what I mean by disdain for transit governance. How did you miss that? Tell us, Kevin.

    I don't have amnesia.

  • In reply to jack:

    Notice how N O Chicago area media source (TV, Newspapers, Radio, Web based) D A R E S to ask Emanuel, Claypool, or Clifford about that "Regional Coordination" question.

    Even the Tribune/Chicago Now Editorial Board is apparently afraid to bring up the subject again; why is that Kevin?

  • Hilkevitch did originally ask, but got the b.s. answer from Claypool that he is friends with whomever is the nonentity that runs the RTA. So, the question was asked, but not answered. As I noted above, Kevin also asked it but FC channeled CB and FK and then walked out.

    Just to keep the record straight, even though to the slavish lovers of the CTA, both of us belong on Laurence Holmes's Hater Wednesday.

  • Kevin, I guess you condone Claypools disrespect towards the cta's workers.

  • I don't think we need an RTA board, at least not the way it works now. What we need is a really regional transportation plan, not the CTA/Metra/Pace hodgepodge we have now.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Finally we have agreement.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Cheryl:

    Not to mention people who think they have experience merely because they start riding it

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Sam92:

    Correction: To put people in charge who actually have experience and background in transit, and not people who think they have experience merely because they start riding it

    (didn't word the other comment quite right)

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    You are So Right Cheryl, I've been trying to accomplish a teensy tiny bit of that for a very LONG time quite UN-successfully:

    But of course I have ADQC (Advanced Don Quixote Complex), and I can't stop myself.

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