Geek out on CTA gifts for family, friends this year

For all you CTA geeks - and those who may be looking for that unusual gift - the CTA Gift shop could be your one-stop shopping mecca.

From CTA map bears to rail map umbrellas, the online shop has everything a CTA geek could ask for.

I am partial to the retro messenger bag and the T-shirts proclaiming "12 minutes to the Loop"! And anything else that looks retro.

You'll also find a lot of creative gifts made from old CTA tokens on Etsy. And someone help me out here - when did the CTA stop accepting tokens as a method of payment? Was that in the early 2000s? Jack?


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  • Tokens died on 6/1/99

  • Heck if I know.

    The real question is when someone is going to buy Claypool a Kruesi CTA map tie or slicker? The painted L map on his foot doesn't show up when he is behind Emanuel at a press conference.

  • Thanks. whateva. Of course, I should have consulted

  • Browsing CTA gifts, the slicker apparently isn't available, but the Train Parts Toddler Shirt is. I also wonder if the Wooden Trains (link on that page) have longitudinal seats. Probably not yet, since it is the Blue, Brown, Red combo. No Pink Line for the girls.

  • I hope they sell a lot of this over priced junk, this may help keep the fares from going up next year.

  • In reply to Master Shake:

    I'm not so sure who "they" are, in that on the "Corporate Gifts" page, there is a reference to "Metro North Stations."

    Also, since they attempt to dissuade robots by having a random math (arithmetic) question on the user account page, I doubt that they get many orders from usual CTA customers. ;-)

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