Wilson Red Line station to get elevator, facelift via $6 million federal grant

The Wilson Red Line station will finally get its much-needed rehab via a $6 million federal Dept. of Transportation grant, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin announced today.

The federal dough will make it make it accessible with a new elevator in the station house, as well provide an exterior rehab and "street modifications," according to a press release.

The station serves four bus routes that carry more than 55,000 people. The CTA got the grant through the 2011 Bus Livability Program.

Another $30 million will fund in funding for the purchase of 60-foot hybrid diesel-electric buses to replace 40-foot conventional diesel powered buses that are beyond their useful lives.


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  • Thanks for the link. I guess the people posting about "when are they going to do something about Wilson" are going to get something done about Wilson.

    However, what you didn't mention is that the release says that CTA is getting "$2,000,000 in funding to conduct a study along the Chicago Lakefront Corridor to determine the feasibility and appropriate level of investment for high capacity transit connections in the 24-mile corridor from Howard Street to 103rd Street." I guess that CTA consultants have to share in the gravy train, but how many uncoordinated LSD studies do we really need (given the CDOT one on the south side)?

  • In reply to jack:

    Hey jack, the "South Lakefront Corridor Transit Study" is/was not exactly the CDOT's doing. .

    Various South Side community organizations (SOUL, HPKCC, SECC, GLC, etc.) lobbied their Elected Officials (Hairston, Preckwinkle, Davis, Currie, etc.) to get funding for a Study to improve area Transit.

    The Officials got the Funding, and the RTA choose CDOT to do the Study.

    Make NO Mistake - Metra and CTA DO NOT want to be involved in it.

    This new Study is apparently from the Feds, and it will be interesting to
    if and/or how it coordinates with CDOT Study.

  • In reply to mikep621:

    Until the last paragraph, you missed the point.

    The point, though, is that it undoubtedly won't coordinate with the other study.

    Basically, the feds got conned--$450,000 to RTA/CDOT consultants, and another $2 million to CTA consultants, to study essentially the same thing. Except--since it is the CTA studying it, it won't be the result you want.

    All the planning should be done by one agency, but the only result is going to be that consultants were stimulated to the tune of $2.45 million.

  • In reply to jack:

    You forget the power of South Side Residents and Community Organizations (didn't Metra just reduce the amount of in-city fare increases - who made that happen?).

    We are already inciting the Good Townspeople of the South Side to get their Torches and Pitchforks all shined up and ready to go after "The Monster".

  • In reply to mikep621:

    Since they didn't do anything about Zone C which went up 25 cents more than other zones, I guess that the SOUL TRAIN without Don Cornelius doesn't go south of 79th on the mainline.

    They didn't arrange it that one could transfer to the ME for only a quarter.

    About the best that could be said is that without preachers yelling racism at everything, Metra would have abandoned the two lines long ago.

    Looks like those on the Blue Island branch (Zone D) will be paying $4.75 for a one way and $136 for a monthly, same as Morton Grove or Westmont. Maybe they ought to yell racism about that. Or maybe they will ride the CTA, even though Gump hasn't said what its fares will be.

  • This is fantastic news about the buses and Wilson Station. Anyone know which buses are getting replaced?

    What ever happened to the NABI buses?

  • The NABI buses are no doubt in some landfill somewhere.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    If you look at Chicagobus.org, you'll find that is not the case they are still sitting in the yards at 77th and 103rd pending litigation.

    If anyone is interested, I also have a review of the status of the litigation over them, but I realize that most of the people here have foresworn reading what I post here, so go there if you want to read it.

  • In reply to jack:


    Do you have a link to the review?

    Any idea which 40' diesel buses are getting replaced? It's not the NABI's is it?

  • In reply to chris:

    If you want to read it, it is here in the forum on NABIs Pulled From Service. You can go up and down that thread for other observations.

    Since 40 foot buses are being replaced, and the NABIs were 60 foot buses, no. If you look at the proposed CTA budget for 2011, it says that Novas (6400s) start becoming eligible for replacement in 2012.

  • In reply to jack:

    It will be interesting to see if they can get some money from the NABI's perhaps next year.

    Good to see at least some of the Nova's being replaced. I'm not a fan of their interior. The extra seating capacity will be nice. I'm guessing $30 million gets us close to 50 buses depending on how much costs have risen.

  • In reply to chris:

    Again, no.

    When the 150 hybrid artics were leased, Huberman said that they got a deal from New Flyer for $800k per bus, when the supposed asking price was $880k. You have to figure that a 40 foot bus goes for about $400K, and artic adds $200k and hybrid another $200k per bus. Of course, one does not know what happened to prices since late 2007.

    Hence, they will be lucky if they get much more than 30 buses for $30 million.

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