CTA installs new wood platforms at Francisco Brown Line station

Work has begun at the CTA Brown Line Francisco station to replace deteriorated wood platforms. The CTA admitted it made a mistake in installing wood flooring with a fire-retardent chemical, but without a water sealant.

These photos by Tattler reader Cheryl show the new pressure-treated wood planks being installed at Francisco. Other photos show the splitting and cracking from August. See the previous CTA Tattler story and photos, plus the Tribune follow-up story. Thanks for the photos, Cheryl.


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  • i figured the wood used on the platforms during the remodel wouldn't last ... i know the CTA was dealing w/budget constraints in the rehab (resulting in almost no improvements overall, just replacement of each station), but a wiser investment would have been in concrete platforms instead of any type of wood (they claim it was to maintain the "historic" nature of the original platforms - which btw, were intended to be temporary structures in the first place) ... going further, they should have heat coils in the concrete platforms (esp those @ belmont & fullerton) to avoid snow/ice build-up in winter (not to mention the manpower required for snow removal ongoing). oh well.

  • In reply to urbaneddie:

    The wood didn't last, simply, because it wasn't pressure treated for water. Very few CTA platforms use concrete, it's heavy and ugly. Look at most of the stops in the Loop, the youngest of them is pushing 20 years and their wood platforms are just fine. As long as the wood they're using is designed to be in an exposed environment, it will be fine.

  • I would like them to have used some kind of composite decking material, but at least I don't feel like I'm going to put my foot through the platform just walking on it.

  • fb_avatar

    The wood is the same as the wood used before. These repairs will have to be ripped out in a couple years.

  • In reply to Ryan Szekeres:

    Not according to the guys doing to work.

  • The wood that is going in now is so full of knots and uneven bits that it doesn't appear to be something that will last more than a few seasons of Chicago weather.

  • In reply to MoMo:

    I was resisting going to say this, but since you prompted me:

    Let's see if we don't get the same story in three years.

    From what you are saying, the predictable answer is that we will.

    Heck, they could have at least taken Dean and Miriam Johnson's or Tommy Silva's advice and get something at the Home Depot. Even Larry the Cable Guy knows something about decks.

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