CTA in haiku: How motormen are just like parents

Here's another in an occasional series of haikus capturing the CTA experiences of Jen Masengarb. Read all her work on Tumblr.

eavesdropping on train
drivers bemoan riders like
parents gripe of kids

Chicago haiku no. 78 | July 2011



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  • That's probably true, but if the parents stay in the cab to keep away from the kiddies (remember the protests in the late 90s about the patrol boy tape being placed across the front when the L went to one person operation but the partitions had not yet been added), the kiddies have a harder problem.

    Of course, maybe your parents talked like the conductors on the old green CTA cars: "mumble mumble Fullersomething, mumble mumble Belwhat." Bruce Wolf once did a good impression of that.

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