Rahm pushes Quinn to sign casino bill for CTA capital cash

Here's how Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he would spend the city's share of money from a city-owned casino on CTA infrastructure, says a Tribune report:

  • Replace 20 miles of "L" track each year to eliminate slow zones.
  • Rebuild 10 miles of elevated track structure each year.
  • Renovate 45 rail stations over five years.

And here's what Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn said about that:

"You're putting the cart before the horse" and spending money you don't have.

OK, so how about if you folks could get together and figure out a capital spending plan you can all agree on. Talk about government inaction. It's certainly not in action.



Image from www.renewal.ca


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  • For a change, a Chicago mayor takes responsibility for the CTA, instead of just political control. One, of course, would want to see maps.

    Goofus Quinn, of course, spent money he didn't have pending outcome of the Wirtz suit with all his yap about $31 billion "for jobs." Of course, now that he has been collecting that money for about 23 months, what's he done or doing with it? So, yes, we do need a coherent capital plan.

    I also see that the anonymous jerk stalker hasn't posted here yet today.

    I also know, between Quinn and Rahm who actually has influence over the legislature, and it isn't Goofus.

    Finally, while the gamblers will have already blown their money, the prior post on the Brown Line lumber (and that was revealed while the project was ongoing) again indicates how the CTA blows theirs.

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