For the love of CTA: Map tattoos adorn arms, feet

I've given props in the past to a woman who tattooed the CTA's rail system map on her foot. And now I applaud a guy who had the iconic Chicago pay applied to his arm.

True CTA love.


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  • Are they going to add to their tattoos if/when any of the line extensions happens? I'm not sure the lady with the foot tattoo has room for a southern extension of the Red Line.

  • In reply to jbredin:

    With regard to extensions, this CBS story (I saw on indicates that there is no immediate need to get out the needles for the Orange and Yellow (and for reasons cited in the article, the Yellow, if not dead, is in the hospice).

    However, the Red into the toe jam still seems possible.

    And, what a shock, Claypool can prioritize, compared to the old line of "we can maintain the system while not leaving the extension money on the table."

  • In reply to jbredin:

    I suppose not, seeing how the tattoo shown on the foot is already out of date.

  • In reply to eBob:

    I guess your reference is to both the Blue and Pink being on the Douglas. However, I wonder if you want to pay for her laser removal.

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