How to handle a woman who theatens you with assault on the CTA

On Monday I shared tips on "What to do if you have problems with mentally ill, homeless on the CTA." Now I realize I should have covered what to do if a belligerent woman gets in your face and threatens to assault you.

That's what a guy on the Red Line faced earlier this year. I have to give him credit for holding his ground. The woman earlier in the ride had harassed another guy into letting her use his cell phone. Then she apparently got agitated because the train was going too slow. So, do we blame her or the slow zones? I'll go with blaming her on this one.

Listen closely to what she says to this guy. What would you have done?

Video by Chicagoite80. Hat tip to Erin for sharing this video from a Chicago News Report story.


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  • Sorry, couldn't make out any of the dialogue, other than the recorded announcements, until he said something like "get your bleeping hands off me." Can you give some highlights of what she said?

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    CC: Basically she was taunting the guy, first saying she didn't like him. Then she says: "Yes, I am going to assault you, please tell me how it's going to end up."

    Toward the end she calls him a "white ass bitch," and admits she's a racist. At the end she taunts him with fake punches and says, "Did I put my hands on you?" repeatedly. Finally, as she leaves, she's calls him a bitch again.


  • In reply to CCWriter:

    Thanks. Wow. I wonder if she knew she was being recorded? Maybe that kept the situation from getting even worse.

    It's high time for the CTA to roll out a system for people to report problems via text while they are occurring, as erincinco suggested a few days ago.

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    Would have been a great option to have had here, for sure!

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