CTA adds almost $49 million to capital funds plan

The CTA last month amended its Capital Improvement Plan to add $48.5 million it received in recent grants .

The CTA was awarded $37.4 million from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) State of Good Repair Funds
(SOGR) and $11.1 million in Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds

It will use $32 million of the FTA grant to improve roofs, hoists, inspection pits, electrical systems and other
essentials at existing bus garages and bus heavy maintenance facilities.
The remaining $5.4 million in SOGR funds will be used for bus facility
assets relating to systems and equipment such as migrating current bus
facility capital asset information to a central database, performing an
engineering condition assessment field study and developing a modeling
tool using the data to prioritize bus capital investments

The $11.1 million CMAQ funding will be used to retrofit more than 400
New Flyer buses with engines that have diesel particulate filters and
are in line with the engines on other CTA buses. By having all its bus
fleet with the same engine configurations, CTA says it will be able to
reduce costs by eliminating the need to purchase and store different
parts and improve efficiency in maintenance and repairs. The engines
also are expected to help CTA continue to reduce emissions.

The capital budget also was amended in January 2011 to include
the issuance of approximately $430 million in bond proceeds in Fiscal
Year 2012 that could be used to purchase an additional 300 rail
cars--216 cars in Option Two and 84 cars in Option Three of the contract
announced in 2006.
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  • This money is probably safe, but with all of Durbin going around saying "the House is going to cut CREATE, the House is going to cut a Barrington underpass," I have the feeling that the House is going to cut the transit parts of TIGER and TIGGER too. People have questioned spending $1 million each for a battery only bus; maybe CTA won't be getting it.

    Aside from permission issues, why did you take a picture of a 5800 series bus* that was taken out of service two or three years ago? That one is not getting a new particulate filter.

    *As indicated by the green sign.

  • In reply to jack:

    Good call on me picking the wrong New Flyer photo. I must have been half asleep when I found it. So I removed it.

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