Cap the perfume bottle on the CTA

I have my nose buried in the Tribune on my usual Red Line commute into the city.

Then my nose is brutally assaulted.

As we pull away from the Granville station, the strong perfume
scent permeates the entire car. I turn around and immediately spy
the culprit:

It was a 60-something woman in a bad blonde wig, a mink coat and black velour pants with gold piping running down the seams.

Honey, please, ease off on the dousing of cheap perfume.

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  • People everywhere need to lay off the perfume and the cologne. I hung my coat up at yoga 2 days ago, and it STILL smells like some woman's perfume because she clearly took a bath in it. Heavy perfume is disgusting and irritates those with allergies. People, everywhere, knock off the perfume and/or cologne (men!)! A shower and deodorant will do.

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