CTA traffic simulated on animated map on typical commuter day

Check out this animated map showing CTA traffic for Feb. 10 - just another typical day in the life of the CTA.

This is based on Google Transit Feed Spec data and animated with TmsTransitAnimator.

I like how it shows little traffic in the early hours of the day, and then it picks up.

Hat tip to Sargas.

Also, a personal shout-out to my brother Daniel X. on his birthday.

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  • Nice!

  • CJ, I knew I could count on other transit geeks like you to enjoy this.

  • Glad to be of assistance!

    We're a consistent bunch.

  • Someone did one for New York and it had music. I want music. I'm a picky transit geek. :)

  • Cool. This looks like buses only, not trains, or am I wrong?

  • Right CJ. I'm pretty sure it's buses only, though at the north end it appears to show the Yellow and Purple lines, so I'm not totally sure.

  • It's buses and trains. I can pick out the blue line any day.

  • Watch during the rush hours, you can see all the trains.

  • Looks too much like maggots .

  • I see it now. Some of those things north of the city must be buses, and some of those curved routes on the North Side could be too, but the line going to O'Hare can be none other than Blue.

    This puts me in mind of the view from an airplane window when landing in Chicago at night. Some don't enjoy the glowing panorama of a vibrant city--their home--spread out below them, but I find that hard to understand.

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