Details on Saturday's Tattler Holiday Train outing

Now that the CTA finally has published the schedule for Saturday's Holiday Train along the "Brorange" Line, I think we'll have to adjust our earlier plans.

This year we want to board in later afternoon/early evening so we can enjoy the Holiday Train in all its twinkling splendor. But to do that, we'll have to board at Roosevelt heading north, instead of Kimball heading south.

Here's the schedule. And here's the plan:

4:30: We meet at Wabash Tap (1233 S. Wabash Ave.) for food and holiday spirits.
5:40: We head over to the Orange Line Roosevelt station.
5:55: Holiday Train arrives at Roosevelt
5:55 - 6:38: General merriment as we ride the Holiday Train north to the Kimball Brown Line station.
6:38: Disembark at Kimball; take photos with Santa, etc.

From there I'm open to suggestions for post-ride libations and food. I don't know the area around Kimball very well. Suggestions anyone? Certainly we could hop back on the Brown Line and head to the Western station and a Lincoln Village bar.

I'm looking forward to fun times and to seeing you all!



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  • Looking forward to it!

  • Sounds like fun, but good luck getting photos with Santa. At the end of the line, Santa usually goes on a personal (break) unless there is an official photo session with kids scheduled.

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