The five people you meet on the L after midnight

As we all know, the CTA is full of characters, but the biggest characters can be found riding the L after midnight. Liz Mannebach, a regular Red Line rider Loyola University of Chicago journalism student, documents these folks in a blog post she wrote:

  1. Da Fans.
  2. Paper Baggers. You know, the ones with booze in them..
  3. Night Shift Workers.
  4. Da Bar Crawlers.
  5. Hipsta-rific Cool Kids.

From your own midnight travels, who is Liz missing?


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  • Sleepers.

  • Apparently Liz inhabits a world where there are never gaggles of obnoxious Loyola students on the Red Line. I sure wish I could live there, especially last Sunday at about 7pm.

  • There's a definite bias to her blog post. She mentions Northwestern students a couple times and even Depaul students but there's a distinct lack of mention of Loyola students. I find all the college students, regardless of where they attend, to be guilty of the same generalizations.

  • If she were a regular Tattler reader, you would have thought that there would have been some reference to the Hobo Corner.

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