Tattler readers share their CTA wish lists

There are some thoughtful ideas on the holiday wish lists for CTA Tattler readers. You might have missed them Friday, so I will recap the top ideas.

First, my top three:

  • Fix Train Tracker, quickly.
  • Reinstate service cuts, especially late night bus service.
  • Decrease intervals between train run.

And some reader ideas from their wish lists. First, there were some differences of opinion on the new aisle-facing seats coming in the new Series 5000. Scooter Libbby called for an end "to the idiocy of sideway seats." But AB and ibright are both big fans. And I agree with ibright that the seats would be better if they were just bench seats instead of individual seats.

Ibright also wishes the X bus express service would return.

Decisivemoment had a thoughtful and extensive list of wishes. They include:

  • Focusing on equipment maintenance.
  • Connecting the dots with Metra and Amtrak.
  • Lobbing for sales tax reform.

Urbanimage5 liked all the above, and added this: "create a more stable bed for the tracks on the red line south of 35th."

CTAdriver99 wished for "a new, transit savvy and oriented CTA president."

And our old friend CTA Gray Line Project wished for - what else? - CTA Gray Line 'L' service on the South Side."

Thanks for sharing. And feel free to keep adding more.

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