Northwestern pulls plug on L ride to Wrigley for football game

I was ready to head to the CTA Addison Red Line station Saturday morning, just to see 100 Northwestern University football players in full gear exit a chartered train from their Evanston campus. But the coach has called it off, so now I have some free time.

Citing "logistics," NU coach Pat Fitzgerald put the kibosh on what might have been the coolest chartered train ride this side of the Loop Art on Track rolling exhibit.

I'm bummed.

State watchdog may keep an eye on transit agencies. After Metra's Phil Pagano fiasco, the state Senate voted Wednesday to give Illinois' inspector general authority to look into any shenanigans at Metra, CTA, or Pace.

No, really? CTA commuters are happier when they are checking Facebook, listening to music, or texting friends, according to a survey by Northwestern University researchers. Yep, that's one of those "why did you need a survey to tell us that" stories.


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  • Hey, Mr. Tattler, the survey was more substantial than just finding that people like their toys while commuting. The problem is Hilkevitch's "reporting," which focuses on the common denominator. I took that survey and, if memory serves, it was intended to discover what might enhance the transit experience and convince more people to use it.

    I'm also bummed about NU backtracking on the Charter Train. I wonder if the "logistics" included CTA worries about equipment damage?

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