Future CTA rail map? Naming rights spark the imagination

Long-time Tattler reader Christopher took a stab at what the CTA might look like if it jobbed out naming rights to all the system rail stations. It's quite a commercial wonder! Nice job, Christopher!
Update: More readable version of map here.

naming rights map-500x674.jpg

Courtesy of This is Colossal, by Christopher


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  • FYI...The link "Takes a Stab" takes us to a readable version...

    I also think that northerly Purple/Brown stop in the "Chicago Whirlpool" called "Merchandise Mart" is a bit of a stretch, otherwise the new map makes perfect sense ;) And kudos to renaming Kedzie to Keds.

  • three different stops on the brown line all called "starbucks" is brilliant.

  • To help out readers, that readable version is at


  • While this was hopefully unintentional, calling the western portion of south terminus to the Green Line Animal Planet certainly has some pretty racist overtones. Especially in this town!

  • I had to hit Command+ about 5 times to read the even more legible one (finally figured out to hit the spyglass), but here goes...

    Some don't even advertise under that brand. For instance, Resurrection Health Care just started an advertising blitz on Channel 11, but it encompasses St. Francis Hospital.

    I commented on Dennis Byrne's blog that the businesses seem to have fled Dempster, but, in any event, my girlfriend says that Skoie is no longer Manischevitz.

    From what I read in the Tribune a couple of days ago, Newsweek got sucked up by a blog and probably won't be there much longer.

    Somehow the Blagojevich stop I mentioned in the RedEye (next stop Oxford Wisconsin) was renamed Pizza Art (which, according to New York tax authorities, is run by someone named Art Pizza).

    Zywiec should be where Goodyear is listed.

    Panda Express is too generic for the Moo Goo Gai Pan stop (which, considering that Dr. Hartley got drunk over Moo Goo Gai Pan, should really be at Gino's stop).

    The South Side is only partially creative--no Moo & Oink, each Harold's Chicken Shack should get it own number (i.e. Harold's #57, #89), no Pete's Produce (unloved by the Wiz), etc. I doubt that 63rd and Cottage is a hot spot for Ameritrade.

  • What no stop sponsored by Home Depot, Lowes or Menards?

    How come all four "Western" stops are sponsored by Best Western and the two "Oak Park" stops are Oberweis but yet the three "Cicero" stops are named Ford, GM and Chevrolet?

  • The Rice-a-Roni stop?

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Rice-a-Roni's the San Francisco Treat, and that is the Francisco stop on the Brown Line.

    Also on the Brown Line, the Montrose Stop named the Neurologic Orthopedic Hospital of Chicago. This hospital closed in 2009 (I know this from reading the currently defunct Lake Effect News...hurry back to the city Lorraine!)

  • In reply to Chirob:

    D'oh! I get it now.

  • Calling the Montrose station after a closed hospital makes no sense.
    But then, half of them don't make any sense.
    This is just a bad ripoff of the London map where all of those stations were renamed.

  • Really??

    All this negativity for a completely hypothetical and nicely presented map?? The guy is apparently not from CTA. We don't have to bash him just out of habit.

    Of course, we're waiting to see Jack and Scooter's efforts.

    John T and Bob - good pointer to the completely readable map. Thanks

  • A scary possibility indeed. This is why you don't sell naming rights to stations.

  • In reply to JWirtz79:

    I don't know. I'm an academic, everything here is named for a donor. You get used to it.

  • In reply to JWirtz79:

    I think the whole idea is a hoot and wouldn't mind if they went with it, but I would rather have the Granville stop named for Metropolis Coffee. (Bananas Foster would be too confusing.)

  • In reply to JWirtz79:

    Funny...I was just thinking earlier, before I read this, that I expect Southwest to consider buying naming rights for the station at Midway. "This is Midway-Southwest Airlines, as far as this train goes." has a good sound to it. And I do fully expect Chase to grab up Monroe/Dearborn, as it does have direct access to their retail banking headquarters.

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