Showing patience with the CTA story teller

Here's a CTA Tattler Tale from my daughter Moira:

I was on the Blue Line toward the Loop going to class yesterday at about
noon. This guy sitting across from me was a red-faced Irishman, wearing
a Pendleton wool cap, leather gloves, a trench coat and was carrying a
small leather suitcase.

This frumpy mom wearing a visor approached him
and said in a thick Chicago accent, "I just had to tell you, you look
just like my dad did when he traveled, he was an Irishman." She then
rambled on for a couple of minutes about being South Side Irish, told him
all about her family, her father's achievements in life, blah blah blah. The man was very polite and seemed to feign interest.

Before she
got off the train, they politely said good-bye.

After she left, the man
paused for a few seconds, then stared out the window and mumbled,
"Fucking idiot."

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