Red Line trains stack up for evening rush due to track problem

Red Line riders this evening saw big delays due to track problems north of the 79th Street station.

The Tribune reports that at 4:15 pm an operator noticed the track problem. This caused trains in both directions to share a single track as crews worked to repair the problem. As of 8 pm repairs and single-tracking were still in progress.

A neighbor reported waits of at least 30 minutes to board a train.

Check the CTA site for further details.


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  • Thanks for mentioning this, Kevin. I tried to take the Red Line at Grand for the first time in a very long time last night and the clusterf*ck just reminded me why I hate taking the train. The PA there is no better than the original (tip to the CTA: too much amplification is bad) so the one long announcement that came after we'd waited 15 minutes was utterly incomprehensible. And, of course, there was no indication on the mezzanine or entrance level that anything was wrong; that's where it needs to be.

  • In reply to BobS:

    Isn't it nice how those who announce delays from the control center rattle off the words like they're talking on a cellphone to one person? They seem to have no clue that in many stations, their voice is blasting through an old decrepit speaker and bouncing off vast hard surfaces. Make the announcement as simple as possible, with as few words as possible, and speak one or two words at a time, with pauses, and overenunciate. And let's eventually get some new speakers closer to ear level.

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