Dear CTA, how about: If you see something, TEXT something

Long-time CTA Tattler readers know that I often have railed against CTA flashers, gropers, wankers and rubbers. I've urged women to stand up and fight back against these jerks.

But I also realize that's easy for a man to say.

For its part, the CTA last fall started its ad campaign: "If it's unwanted, it's harassment." And it urges women to "Speak up - If you see something, say something."

harassment poster.jpg

But, as I've often been reminded, that's not always easy to do.

Now Tattler reader Lynette has a great idea:
"I feel passengers should be able to TEXT their concerns to the CTA.
There are times when "see something... say something" could humiliate
the passenger, or put them at risk."

She further clarifies her
idea and tells her harassment story at her blog.

Hers is a great idea that the Chicago White Sox employ to allow
fans to anonymously
a number with seat location where an unruly fan may be causing

Of course, riders can text more than reports of
harassment. It would be much easier and make passengers feel safer to
text about someone smoking, gambling, peddling or fighting.

Let's hope the CTA works this into its safety plan.



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  • I agree that it's a great idea and hope it's implemented soon. Ideally you should be able to message 911 -- and I say message because limiting it to text would be foolish when MMS would allow photos so responders could immediately identify those responsible.

  • That's a great idea. The CTA has never made it very clear how best to report a time-sensitive problem on the train. There's the Big Button, but what if the car is crowded and you can't even see where it is? You could talk to the motorman through the front window, but that means you have to get off the train. There's 1-888-YOURCTA, but you can get caught in phone-menu hell. And 911 seems a bit drastic for some situations, plus the cops still might have to talk to the CTA before responding.

  • How about an e-mail address where you could send pictures from an internet equipped camera phone ?

  • This would be great if the CTA were crawling with off-duty cops like beautiful US Cellular Field. The "Riseabove" thing is great. A few weeks ago there were some obnoxious bro/dudes who couldn't stop their drunken profane bellowing. After seven innings of hearing how much of an f-ing douchebag Mark Kotsay is (ironic since he was 3 for 3) among other pearls of wisdom, I'd had enough. I texted; security warned them; they continued; they were escorted out. Quick, clean and efficient.

  • Ran into domestic violence on the way home from MDW a couple weeks ago...pushed the emergency button discreetly once, saying nothing. As it got worse, I believe I said something about a fight. Customer Assistant met the train at next stop, Clark/Lake, and I informed her of what was going on. High tailed it out of station as quickly as possible with bags, hailed cab home. An SMS or email line would ahve been quite nice.

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