Toews is a "legs-wide-spread" guy - with good reason

Wouldn't it be great to run into this "legs-wide-spread" guy on a CTA bus some day?

Towes on the bus.jpg

It's Stanley Cup champ and MVP Jonathan Toews, but he's sitting on a
Winnipeg bus on his way to a celebration in his honor in his Manitoba,
Canada, hometown. And that's his cute cousin Madison crowded into the
seat next to him.

CTA Tattler and my readers have often
criticized what I call the "legs-wide-spread"
guy, who takes up more than his share of seat. But today, we're giving
Toews a pass. After all, he has some of the world's most famous hardware
between his legs.

(Photo by Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune - July 11, 2010)


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  • Love the expression on his face.

  • Hey, is that a hometown New Flyer? Should the Stanley Cup appear on one of our New Flyers, I'd forgive legs-wide-spreadness.

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