CTA off the hook on clearing snow from L platforms

CTA off the hook on clearing snow from L platforms

With the unrelenting heat we've experienced this month, It was almost a refreshing respite to think about snow and ice on CTA platforms. An Illinois Supreme Court ruling gave us that opportunity late last week when it ruled the CTA did not have to keep L platforms free of ice and snow.

An AP report summarized the case and ruling:

The ruling comes in the case of Marianna Krywin, who slipped on ice at a
CTA platform in 2005. She injured her left leg, was hospitalized for
nearly a month and was awarded $372,141 in a lawsuit.

The Supreme Court overturned that verdict Thursday.

The court said it had to balance two opposing principles: that
transportation services have an obligation to ensure their passengers'
safety and that property owners aren't required to remove natural
accumulations of ice and snow even if it presents a danger.

The majority held that it would be impractical for an operation the size
of the CTA to ensure its platforms were always safely free of snow and
ice. They said that trumps the obligation to protect passengers.

I agree with the ruling. While I certainly think the CTA should make every effort to keep platforms snow- and ice-free, I agree it's impractical to think the CTA will always be able to do that. Still, the CTA has promised that it will continue to its ice and snow removal efforts.

What do you think? Am I off base here?

Meanwhile, if you'd like to recall what winter was like on platforms, enjoy this Flickr video by Trippton.


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  • I usually recommend going to the source, in this case the Illinois Supreme Court opinion, although this seems to summarize it properly. Of course, that also involves going through a rather arcane explanation of negligence law.

    In other overnight news, the obits report a Glencoe lawyer committing suicide by Blue Line. Usually it is by Metra, but I can't figure out (other than Pagano) why there is such an uptick in this lately. At least here, the obit reported that it was ruled a suicide; those on Metra tracks in the city involved having to climb an embankment "for a pedestrian" to "just happen" to be on the tracks.

  • I guess I should be used to people who don't use certain services making decisions for those who do--but I probably never will. sigh...

    Having just navigated that too-narrow platform at State&Lake Green Line (on the south side of Lake), I really question the wisdom. The platform is too narrow on a day like today--when there is snow and ice, it's downright dangerous.

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