Six years and counting on the CTA beat for the Tattler

Today marks my sixth anniversary of blogging about things seen and heard on the Chicago Transit Authority -- with plenty of news thrown in.

And I've been with ChicagoNow for just over a year.

I always like to note this date to thank you readers for inspiring me to keep it going. Your contributions and comments help make this a lot easier to do.

I was looking back at my first month of posts in June 2004, and determined that the more things change on the CTA, the more they stay the same. Do any of these sound familiar to happenings this year?

The chicken dinner incident

Gotta hold your nose

And a perennial favorite:

CTA fare hikes, service cuts coming?

Thanks for coming back for more, even if sometimes it's deju vu, all over again.


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  • Kevin, check the link on the chicken dinner incident.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Oopsie! Fixed. Thanks for the catch Cheryl. Just another reason to love my readers!

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    You need more Orange Line coverage. We are the stepchild. Our trains are frequently overcrowded while Brown Line trains run more frequently and you can even get a seat on the Brown Line as you leave the loop.

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