Rate your stop's "walkability" with interactive train stop guide

A new Train Stop Guide at Carless Chicago allows CTA riders to rate how walkable their rail station is, learn what's near it and leave ratings.

From the guide:

Which stations do you stop at for the best shopping, parks, restaurants, beaches, or entertainment? Can you run all of your after-work errands on the walk between your station and your house? Looking for a fun afternoon excursion or a new neighborhood to call home? The Train Stop Guide uses Walk Score and user ratings to help you figure out which stations are in the middle of walkable neighborhoods or near great attractions. Use the guide to learn what tips transit riders in other parts of the city have to share and to leave behind your own tips.

You can use the guide to rate how easy it is to get around without a car, and share knowledge about places around the stop that you may have visited.


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  • Maybe they can team up with Everyblock to let you know where nearby shootings have occurred. There might have been one at Wilson this weekend -- I saw a note about it on Edgewater Community Buzz, but at that early writing there was confusion about whether the shooting had been inside the station or people were running inside the station to get away.

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