CTA wanker caught in the act - now let's catch him

Regular readers know I've written (too) many times about perverts and wankers and fondlers and flashers on CTA trains and buses.

I've encouraged you to be brave and take photos of the perps. Yep, easy for me to say, since I'm a guy. So big props to a reader I'm calling Judy. Here's her story:

Last night, I was taking the Red Line home from the Sox game at about 10 pm. A man got on the train at Clark/Division, sat across from me, immediately pulled out his "business" and started fondling himself.

I was dumbfounded! I decided that fear is the reaction he wanted to get from me, so I took out my blackberry and started taking pictures of him with my camera! He suddenly became shy and frustrated, so he put his stuff back where it belonged (or at least where others would not see it.)

Nice going Judy! And now I'm publishing his photo. Take a look at the guy and watch out for him. If he pulls out his junk on you, call the police!

Red Line Wanker.jpg

I commend Judy's bravery. Again, I urge you all to call 911 and report the guy, giving a detailed description. Mention the photo if you have one. It's the one true way to stop this crap.


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  • Nice going Judy. I wish I had the presence of mind to do the same when that happeneed to me. After all, he seemed to want to show it off, why would he mind a photo!

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