CTA to increase rail station "deep cleans" this summer

The CTA this summer will step up cleaning by giving three rail stations a day a "deep clean," CTA President Richard Rodriguez noted earlier this month.

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"Deep cleaning focuses on power washing, stainless steel polishing and making sure the small details are addressed. Rodriguez said at the June board meeting. "This is a strategic shift on how CTA addresses work and cleanliness at stations. The goal is to improve the customer experience at CTA rail stations, which can mean anything from
repairing a broken door, performing a detailed cleaning or applying a fresh coat of paint."

Here's how it works, according to the CTA.

  • The agency has developed a comprehensive schedule to ensure all departments involved in making repairs and cleaning stations are at each station on a more consistent preventive basis.

    Maintenance teams consisting of janitors and tradesmen--painters, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and masons-- are deployed to stations to perform tasks in a unified effort.

  • Previously, each trade only would go to the station with a corresponding work order. For example, if a work order came in needing a janitor at a particular station, painters and other maintenance workers would not necessarily go to that same station at that same time. Under Deep Cleans, without a work order, everyone goes to the same station and works jointly to make any repairs and cleaning necessary.
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    The difference between a Deep Clean and a regular cleaning is that deep cleans focus on tasks such as power washing, stainless steel polishing, painting, graffiti and etching removal, tuck pointing and masonry work and roof work; whereas, regular cleaning is routine sweeping, wiping down surfaces, spot mopping and collecting garbage.

  • The CTA's deep cleaning activities began in Fall 2009 (as a pilot) and will continue throughout the year. Each rail station has had at least one Deep Clean.

So, have you noticed a difference in stations with deep cleans?


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  • I hope Monroe Red Line is on the top of list. It smelled like pee last Thursday morning as I passed through on my way down to 35th. Kinda made me nostalgic for the old days.

  • They did this about 15 years ago. That's when I first noticed the floors in the subway aren't black, they're dark red.

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