Deodorant ad blooms at bus stop on Addison

Ed shares this photo of the CTA bus kiosk at the southwest corner of
Addison and Southport.

I know it's a free ad for Degree, but I have to give credit to creativity.

Ed says: "I noticed it a little while ago
first thought it was a bad joke (Spring gone bad), Then I was stopped at
light yesterday and concluded it was part of the deodorant
advertisement, which
is probably a good thing to advertise on CTA. 

Then Ed suggests: "Maybe Degree
will sponsor that green space El car (with real plants though).

Degree ad bus stop.jpg


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  • Maybe they should wrap the inside of EVERY L car, sort of like what that VOIP phone company did, with decals on the ceiling and the like. That would be a public service.

  • The same ad is at the corner of Michigan and Superior. I should have sent you the pictures I took.

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