Indecent exposure report on CTA leads to arrest of convicted sex offender

A Kane County man last week was
charged with public indecency and lewd exposure
after touching and
exposing himself to a woman on the Brown Line March 31. Just hours after
the CTA incident, police allege that Douglas Sale also exposed himself
to a female bicyclist in Rogers Park.

Thank you, ladies, for coming forward and speaking up.

Indecent exposure.jpg

For many years on this blog, I have railed against flashers and wankers,
and gropers and grinders, and urged women to report these jerks. The CTA also stepped up its campaign, promising to fight harder against female sexual harassment, including an ad campaign.

I am the father of a young lady and husband of a woman who both have been victims numerous times of unwanted attention from males. It pisses me off, and I understand it's scary for women at the time it's happening. That's why I salute those who call them out and better yet, report them to the police.

And you guys out there -- if you ever see someone harassing a woman, I hope you speak up too. We need to show these jerks we won't stand for this behavior.

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