Bank robbery -- AND fire -- cause Red Line rush hour delays

An exploded dye pack in a robber's loot bag was blamed for delays on the Red Line during this evening's rush hour, according to a Tribune report. A customer service agent told me a fire caused the delay after fire department ambulances were dispatched.

UPDATE: I changed the headline from "not fire" to "AND fire" after I got word that there actually WAS a track fire at Grand around the same time. This graph was in the Trib report updated early this morning:

"Coincidentally, around the same time of the arrest, trains were
experiencing delays because of a small fire on train tracks at the CTA
Red Line's Grand Avenue subway station, which is located a few blocks
south of the Chicago Avenue station in the same tunnels, said Wanda Taylor, a spokeswoman
for the Chicago Transit Authority."

But it was the dye pack that exploded, prompting reports of a fire. The robber was captured at the Chicago Avenue stop after a heist at North Community Bank, 800 N. State St.


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  • I told several people at work something was going on at that station, but they didn't believe me. I chose an alternative route to go home and it took its normal 45 minutes. They were telling me this morning their commutes were well over an hour.

  • Seriously, how can people be so incredibly stupid as to try to use CTA as a getaway vehicle, especially during rush hour. Chicago Ave at 5pm on a weekday is almost as stupid as the idiot that tried to use the snail's pace #22 as a getaway vehicle. As one of the cops here at school likes to say, "it's logic like that that assures me I'll never be out of work."

  • He was already wearing an ankle bracelet for allegedly stealing a sandwich and some cash at a Starbucks. So, no, not too bright.

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