Transit songs help pass the time while enduring CTA service cuts

Since we're all waiting longer for buses and trains, I figured we could help while away the extra wait time by humming/singing/dancing to transit songs. So I've compiled a few classics here from YouTube. First, here's a sample of Busking by Aloe Blacc, who cajoles the bus with his "C'mon bus... I've been waitin' for such a long time." And thanks to @thisisnina for the tip.

The Hollies think love can grow as you wait for the bus -- under an umbrella no less.

The Who's Roger Daltrey just wants to take the bus to see his girl friend -- and he even asks the driver if he can buy the bus. Maybe we can ask The Who to help with that $96 million budget deficit?

See the continuation for some songs about trains. I sure hope you guessed the O'Jay's Love Train would be up first. It's not necessarily about commuting on trains, but it sure has a catchy beat. Perhaps this song inspired the Love Train motorman from years back? Anyone heard from him, or is he retired?

Cat Stevens, aka Yusuf Islam, wrote Peace Train while on a train, thinking about Alfred Hitchcock.

For all you moms and dads who also love Roger Daltrey, I offer you this classic gem.

Finally, there's last year's local favorite by the Snow Angels. This is good stuff.

OK, that's just a feeble start. What did I miss?


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  • I guess that the c. 1976 RTA ads with "I get around" don't work any more.

  • This song's not actually about transit, but the bit from the Tracey Ullman Show is about people singing while waiting at the bus stop:
    And there's a twist, so watch all the way to the end.

  • " Subway Train " by the New York Dolls.

  • "The Grooveline" by Heat Wave, expecially the Red Line around midnight on a Saturday. "Party hard, there and back!"

  • For us indie kids:

    -Jens Lekman: "Tram #7 to Heaven"

    -The Fiery Furnaces: "The Garfield El". That is on a really strange/interesting album about Chicago with the help of their Grandmother's vocals.

    -And, my favorite, "Thinking of a Dream I Had" by The Walkmen. I like listening to it when waiting for the Logan Square Subway, which I am often doing.

  • In reply to Cazimir:

    Thanks for these Cazimir. Unfortunately, I'm not much of kid anymore, but I do love good music.

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    Unfortunately, I'm not either. But I think being a Grad student is close enough, maturity-wise.

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    Violent Femmes - Waiting for the Bus

  • In reply to terynjay:

    With its classic lyrics:

    Let's call the Mayor, let's complain
    Looks like the city's done to us again
    Tied up in traffic, what do you know?
    The damn city bus moves so slow

  • In reply to terynjay:

    Greatest Transit Song Ever:

    Spadina Bus, by the Shuffle Demons. Pure 1980s gold.

  • In reply to terynjay:

    Going to YouTube to check out the wondrous "Spadina Bus" video, I was reminded of the pure poetry of Weird Al Yankovic's "Another One Rides the Bus:"

    Riding in the bus down the boulevard
    And the place was pretty packed (Yeah!)
    Couldn't find a seat so I had to stand
    With the perverts in the back
    It was smelling like a locker room
    There was junk all over the floor
    We're already packed in like sardines
    But we're stopping to pick up more, look out

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