St. Patrick's Day CTA antics -- a runup to baseball badness?

St. Pat's celebrant.jpg
I'm really not anti-St. Patrick's Day. Really, despite what you may have read here. In fact I'm 100% Irish-American, a direct descendant of four grandparents whose families all were natives of Ireland.

I have marched in St Paddy's Day parades as a kid, I've been known to drink Jameson on and around March 17 (though not as a kid), and I've even hosted a dinner party or two featuring Guinness beef stew and colcannon.

But I'm not at all pleased with the boorish behavior I see from Paddy partiers on the CTA. (Read Mich's and Martha's stories of their Saturday trips to the city.)

Then I realized, maybe I'm really just dreading the start of Major League baseball, or more specifically, enduring commutes home from work after day Cubs games.

Now I'm wondering whether some folks view St. Patrick's Day as spring training for some heavy drinking at both Cubs and Sox games. It seems the behaviors are the same: open drinking from Tall Boys; yelling at each other across the bus or rail car; lame attempts to pick up women.

Ah well, I think maybe I need to go have a drink and chill out.

(Guinness hat tip to Jim C. for photo. And to be fair, this fellow did not exhibit boorish St. Paddy's Day behavior. But it is rude for him to take up at least three seats with his stuff.)


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  • I just had a co-worker call me out for not wearing green today. I pointed out that she's not of Irish descent and neither am I, but apparently that doesn't make any difference.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Just wear orange, then. It drives 'em crazy.

  • Just yesterday I was looking forward to the Spring Break relief from high school kids on the Addison bus - and then realized that served as an unfortunate prelude to the summer baseball delight.

    I'm always intrigued by the baseball folks who board (Wrigley-bound) in the middle of a residential neighborhood and already pose a fire danger when they exhale.

    At least St. Paddy's Day transit behaviour last for less than a week.

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