News pickup: Dirtier buses? Arrest No. 150 for Red Line thief

Here's the week in review of CTA news stories.

Dirtier buses under proposed CTA changes? The Sun-Times reports that the CTA is considering changes in procedures to shorten bus cleaning times "to make the best use of the resources available." The union says this will lead to dirtier buses. Hard to tell if anyone will notice a difference.

CTA union chief lobbies U.S. Transportation chief.
The CTA bus union boss was in DC Wednesday to ask U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to allow the CTA to use federal funds to pay for operating instead of capital expense, according to a Chicago Current story. Let's see -- more buses, or more crumbling viaducts? Unfortunately, the CTA already has diverted at least $125 million in capital dollars to pay operating expenses. I say, no more.

Man dies after falling under CTA bus. A 53-year-old man died Thursday after he slipped or fell under the rear wheels of a #9 Ashland bus. The bus was leaving the intersection of Harrison and Ashland after getting a green light, the Trib reports.

Keith Anderson CTA.jpg

Man with 150 arrests charged with Red Line theft try. Tribune Chicago Breaking News report: "A convicted felon with more than 150 arrests on his record has been
charged with trying to steal a woman's briefcase on the CTA Red Line." I say the guy was jealous of the Green Line panhandler and trying to get to 180.

Stepped up burglary patrols along Red Line. Police in the Far North Side 24th District said at my CAPS meeting this week that they are increasing patrols along the Red Line north of Thorndale after noticing a pattern of home burglaries near stations. They speculate that perpetrators are "commuting" to work on the Far North Side and using the Red Line as a convenient escape route.



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  • Or maybe "100 strikes and you have to be the next lieutenant governor."

  • Someone posted on proposed legislation that would authorize 5307 funds for operating, not the diversion of capital to operating of which you mention and the local transit agencies are addicted. H. R. 2746, official text (.pdf).

    However, since that bill only indicated permissible use of 5307 funds, the effect would be no different unless Congress, in a separate bill, actually appropriated those funds to FTA.

    Of course, nothing has passed yet.

  • Unbelievable that you can be arrested 150 times and still be out on the street. What does it take to lock these idiots up?

  • 150 arrests.
    Small time!
    This jerk has 242 arrests in Chicago!,pandhandler-record-arrests-031910.article

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