Motorman apologizes for abrupt train announcement

The "L" doors opened at Morse and the commuting masses piled on.

And as usual, the motorman abruptly and loudly announced:

"Attention passengers, please do not attempt to board -- doors are closing -- and sorry about that!"

I didn't see but I suspect he startled a late-boarding passenger.

In case you missed it, here's why motormen are making that new "doors closing" announcement themselves.


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  • I hear the announcement sometimes, and sometimes I don't. The times I don't could be because it's become so ingrained I just don't hear it, or maybe a few of the motormen have gotten as tired of it as I am.

  • I've only heard it at the downtown stations plus Belmont.
    The whole idea is idiotic, but the motormen brought it upon themselves by pushing the button for the automated "doors closing' announcement as soon as they opened the doors.
    That announcement should only be heard when the doors are actually about to be closed.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Very true, but the second announcement hasn't helped that. Most of the motormen do it correctly and only say it before they close the doors. The really smart ones only say it at the busier stations (although that's probably against the CTA rule).

    However, I've seen at least a few that say "Attention passengers. Do not attempt to board, the doors are closing." right when the doors open, even during rush hour. It's ridiculous.

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