Fryin' the L? Bike tossed on third rail causes fire, stops Red Line

From the CTA news of the weird file comes this story from
late last week:

CTA Red Line trains were stopped for about 30 minutes by a fire on the tracks
early Friday morning, just north of the Morse

The Sun-Times story reported that "a
bicycle fell or was thrown or somehow ended up on the train tracks, and
it hit the third rail and it caused an explosion-type fire," [police] said."

I've heard that some folks call this "fryin' the L" -- throwing some type of metal on the third rail to cause an explosion or fire. A rite of passage for kids.

Now, don't get any ideas out there, you degenerates!



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  • Damn kids!

    I remember we used to like to break into the janitor's closet and steal the florescent light tubes and throw them off the fourth floor of the dorm I lived in freshman year. We would enjoy the flash and pop as they hit the parking lot below. As far as I know we never potentially disabled rail transit in a major metropolitan city. I've got an idea for these recession-dampened times: whatever happened to chewing on peppermint Lifesavers in the dark? Sparks, pops!! Wow!

  • In reply to marthat3:

    Actually, the Wint-O-Green Lifesavers give the greatest spark. The peppermint variety can give a spark, but the Wint-O-Green sparks more reliably and noticeably.

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