A Bible thumper gets a taste of his own medicine

Admittedly, it's been awhile since my commute was ruined by someone proselytizing about how Jesus saves, while he -- or she -- drones on from the Bible. I'll have to remember this tactic next time.


Hat tip to Tovi for sharing. If you like this video, vote for it at the Project Reason Video Contest.

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  • That's wonderful. Although it would've been even better if it had been spontaneous.

  • Maybe it's a knock off scarf.

  • Stupid, painfully stupid.

  • That's one chavvy thumper.

  • The Jebus freaks are stepping up their game. I'm used to finding tracts on bus seats... but today when I sat down on the 147, I found a little baggie taped under the window next to the seat. It has a few stickers along the lines of "God loves you" and all that, two tracts (including a Chick tract I'd usually pay a quarter for at Quimby's), and the highlight, a little wooden cross, hole already punched so I can make my own necklace, and garishly yellow instead of the gold you'd think they'd want to convey. Usually when I see tracts on buses I just grab as many as I can and throw them away as soon as I get off, but this is going to deserve a much more special fate.

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