Union wins arbitration vs. CTA on outsourcing snow removal

An arbitration panel ruled Monday that the CTA is violating its contract with the rail union workers by outsourcing snow removal to a politically connected company, Christy-Webber.

The arbitrator ordered the CTA to stop the subcontracting immediately "except in those rare cases of verifiable emergency'' and only when
there are not enough union members available to clear the snow
adequately, said the ruling by arbitrator John C. Fletcher, the Tribune reported.

For its part, the CTA insists they did use the company in emergencies because not enough union employees had signed up to be on call for snow removal.

Here's the Fox 32 News report via Redlasso.com


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  • Must have had a change to CTA employees today at our stop because the platform was half done with the shovel just sitting there whenever he kicked off. First time in a couple winters the job wasn't done.
    If this is the best employees have to offer, can we write petitions on CTA's behalf to allow them to return to contractors?
    I know there are some good employees, the former customer service assistants were always squeegeeing the excess of the floor so it wasn't too slick; the new guy just stands there watching people slip. When someone does he says "be careful"; like he couldn't say that before someone steps there?

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