ChicagoNow's CTA experts to opine Saturday morning on WGN radio

Your two resident experts on the CTA here at ChicagoNow -- Tracy Swartz at Redeye's Going Public and your very own CTA Tattler -- will discuss all things CTA from 9:30 till 10 am Saturday on WGN's ChicagoNow radio show, 720 on your AM dial.

Of course the hot topics now are service cuts and union negotiations, but I'm sure we'll touch on other favorite topics around here, such as new rail cars and nutty stuff that happens on our favorite public transit mode.

Wake up a little early turn, grab a cup of whatever and tune in!

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    E. To approve an ordinance authorizing an inter-governmental Agreement with the City of Chicago to utilize funding from the Wilson Yard tax increment financing district for the cost of station maintenance and improvements at Wilson Station (Red Line)

    Anyone know what work will be done with this money?

  • Well, since the cutbacks, Clark St. buses are back to running in bunches & there are 35 minute waits for them again. Gee, the last two years were actually heaven compared to before & now!

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