Bus Tracker guides passengers home from stuck Metra train

When a Metra train was stuck behind a broken-down freight train late on a Tuesday night, it was CTA Bus Tracker that eventually got many of stuck passengers to their destination.

The story is well-told by Matt Maldre at his spudart blog. Here's a very quick synopsis:

It was the Metra conductor who suggested the CTA Halsted bus instead of going backwards 15 minutes on the Metra and switching to another line. So Matt whipped out his iPhone and pulled up ctabustracker.com for Halsted bus info. He ended up looking as system maps before realizing the Red Line's 87th Street station was the best bet. So Matt and about 20 other stranded Metra passengers began walking eight blocks to the Red Line.

"We got about 20 people from the train to walk with us. It was quite a
slice of Chicago. All races, all ages. We even had a mom with her baby
in a stroller."

Matt's take on it is a good read and worth the time. Bottom line: CTA and Bus Tracker saved about two dozen stranded Metra riders late on a Tuesday night.

(Hat tip to Ryan W. for turning me on to this story.)


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  • Thank you Kevin for writing a summary about my story. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Isn't it great to be able to have CTA Bustracker?

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