Transit projects create twice as many jobs as building highways -- study

A new report on federal stimulus spending shows that money invested in public transportation projects created twice as many jobs as highway projects.

The report by the Public Interest Research Group, in conjunction with the Center for Neighborhood Technology and Smart Growth America, states that every billion dollars spent from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
(ARRA) on public transportation produced 16,419 job-months, as compared to
8,781 job-months for every billion spent on highway infrastructure.

The groups -- and CTA Tattler -- are pushing the U.S. Senate to change the latest jobs bill this month to include more public transit projects. The current bill provides more than three times as much funding for highway projects.


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  • Thinking about the New Starts, I wonder how many of those jobs go to consultants? How many go into building such "useful" things as the Block 37 tunnel?

  • Kevin,

    Why not post contact info for someone people can call or email to assist in getting this changed in favor of Public Transit?

  • There there is always the fact that it probably takes 3x as many workers to do the work that one worker does in the non-CTA world....You can see that by watching some of the track work at the Belmont or Fullerton stations

  • I'm more interested in the output we get per dollar spent, not the input. If job creation was the goal I'm sure we could spend all the money sweeping the beach at Lake Michigan and create even more jobs.

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