CTA prepares for projected snowfall

In case you were wondering or worried, the CTA is ready for whatever Mother Nature brings us overnight. Even if it's just two-to-three inches. Here's the CTA press release:

With meteorologists predicting a two-to-three inch snowfall in Chicago,
the CTA is prepared to deploy staff to rail stations as conditions
dictate to ensure CTA platforms are clear for customers.

"CTA will continue to monitor conditions and listen to weather reports
throughout the evening and will deploy crews should the predicted
snowfall occur," said CTA President Richard L. Rodriguez.  "We want to
ensure that customers are able to board and exit platforms as they make
their way to and from work."

CTA's snow command team is prepared to be out in force to keep bus
garages and bus turnarounds clear and to coordinate efforts with the
City of Chicago's snow command.  Should the anticipated sleet and snow
accumulate, crews will salt bus terminals, turnarounds and garages.

If needed, CTA track and substation staff will be on duty at rail yards
to clear switches of snow and ice build up.  Rail switch heaters
throughout the rail system also would be activated to help reduce ice
buildup.  Parking lot vendors for CTA Park & Ride lots will be
notified to salt and keep parking lots clear.

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  • ya know, this city is comical. What is so unique and novel about the winter months and all of the accompanying weather that comes with the territory...yet...it's big news 'round these parts.

    Duhhhh...it's winter folks....expect snow, winds, ice, and plenty of cold....ir do you just don't believe that it will really happen??

  • There's nothing like winter weather to bring out some of the CTA biggest critics deciding that driving is just too big of a hassle and, yes, it is smart to take the El to work. If these folks live out toward the fringes, which they do, the result is the nearer you are to the Loop, the longer it will take you to squeeze aboard a train. Now add a few frozen switches and the resulting delays and you have people screaming about the incompetency of the agency. Maybe, just maybe, the CTA should have a "battle plan" for such expected winter events.

  • Great observation, Observer. The casual transit users always come out of the woodwork when the weather makes transit operations difficult and rain on everyone's parade. Metra sent out a preemptive strike CYA email this morning to state that the weather was going to be bad, so delays might happen. Enormous surprise there. What might CTA's "battle plan" consist of? Xanax pumped through the ventilation system? Complimentary martinis served at every station in the Loop? Part of the problem is that the Weather Channel has rendered us incapable of dealing with the weather. Damn you, Jim Cantore.

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