Strangest CTA bus photo ever

Really, when I saw this photo of the CTA bus that crashed into the side of a South Side home earlier this week, I just said, WTF! And condolences to the homeowner, whose house had to be demolished. This one is by Tribune photographer Alex Garcia.

CTA crash  Tribune.jpg

And this one comes from CBS2 Chicago news:

CTA crash  cbs2.jpg

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  • Now the person in the next house has reason to fear.

  • Wow, Im guessing someones gonna be lookin for a job!


  • Actually the house is owned by the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Morgan Park, and the people were renting. They weren't allowed into the back of the house to get their belongings so I don't know exactly what they were able to retrieve. The church is asking people who want to help the family call 773-881-6900.

  • They had to bulldoze the house?

  • From the CBS story (

    "People who live near the scene in Morgan Park say that the bus driver may have been traveling too fast. "

    Uh ... yeah ... when a bus buries itself up to the front wheel wells in a brick house, maybe it was going just a *smidge* too fast.

  • any news on what happened to the residents?

  • The house was owned by a nearby church. The tenants had to leave without getting much of their stuff. They're still looking for a permanent home.

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