Near death on Boston tracks reminds us to stay away from edge of platform

One of my irrational fears is to fall or be pushed off a CTA platform as a train is roaring into the station. That's why this video out of Boston really hit home. Many of you have probably already seen it since by now it's truly gone viral. But I'm posting it anyway as a warning to drunks on platforms, and to all the rest of us. Miraculously, she survived with no injuries other than some scratches.


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  • I saw this one the news a couple of weeks back.

    The thing I didn't understand is that they said that while the guy on the platform was waiving to the train to stop, the operator had already received word to stop short of the station. Given the short time involved from the fall to the train stopping, I wonder how that is possible.

    Also, in the still, her hand seems mighty close to the third rail, while her torso is lying on the track. I'm surprised she didn't fry.

  • At :16, I'm pretty sure her foot hits the third rail and the jolt knocks her out until the train comes up behind her.

  • Just the other weekend, I was at the Belmont station on a Saturday night, and I saw a drunk guy with a female friend lurching around the platform near me. I had a sinking feeling he was going to fall onto the tracks, and suddenly it happened. He fell hard onto the NB Brown Line tracks. Luckily, there was no train coming.

    I located the emergency call button while stronger people helped pull him up. One brave guy even hopped down on the tracks to boost him. The drunk guy had gashed his head open and was bleeding. It wasn't a gentle fall; it was more like he had accidentally hurled himself. Everyone on the platform waved to get the next train to stop (just in case the message hadn't yet been relayed). The drunk guy got medical attention, and the train was moving in just a few minutes. [I got an express ride home, the one upside to the whole event.]

    Things also got a little hot on the platform as one angry woman berated the dazed and bleeding drunk guy for messing up her commute, but someone else basically told her off and shooed her away from the scene because she wasn't helping matters.

    The whole thing really frightened me because I realized how easily I could have been knocked down if I were in his way. I also never seriously contemplated just how far down the track is from the platform. It's not until you see someone lying on the tracks that it sinks in.

  • In reply to wantonlife:

    You should have called the police and had him arrested.

  • I've seen parents chuckle as their kids play a game of racing to the edge of the platform, pretending they're going to jump or something. Hilarious until there's a tragedy. Some parents apparently think their children have personal force fields or something. Then there are the morons who have to lean over the edge as the train is coming in, making it necessary for the operator to blast the horn at those yahoos. Some things are beyond explanation, I guess.

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