Look to CTA Tweet for info on emergencies, service outages

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Brown and Purple Line trains were delayed by about 25 minutes at the height of the morning rush when a fire was reported on the third rail near the Sedgwick station.

Those of you who were monitoring the Tattler's CTA Tweet feed on Twitter today knew about the problems right away, and some of you chose to take other routes.

Excellent. We're here for you. Check us out before heading out. You can find the feed on the right rail here, or follow us on Twitter.

Kudos to my brother Daniel X. O'Neil for running the service. And a special note of congratulation to Dan, who is a co-founder of EveryBlock, which today was purchased by MSNBC. And to think, I knew him when he was a baby!  :-)


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  • And then there are those of us who got stuck in the delay and only then decided to check the Twitter feed. Funny thing is, it was slower on the way home. I left the office around 6:00 and it took forever to get from Chicago to Belmont.

  • I got the tweet before I left the house so I took the 148 to work. I love when things like this work.

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