Busy day Wednesday for CTA Tattler and ChicagoNow

Wednesday was very busy for your CTA Tattler and ChicagoNow. In fact, the whole week has been very busy for the ChicagoNow crew, with the official launch of this cool network of Chicago blogs starting this past Monday.

Wednesday was ChicagoNow day at Wrigley Field, where the Phillies crushed the Cubs 12-5. The good news is I got to meet the charming Miss Julie, proprietor of A League of Her Own, a Cubs blog here on ChicagoNow. Julie was live-blogging from a rooftop during the launch party, and I was being the gallant gentleman, getting her food and drinks.

She was none too happy about what she had to write about last night, but that happens sometimes to us bloggers. But CTA Tattler had a good day Wednesday, starting with a post about New York City following our lead by piloting our Bus Tracker software. Good to be way ahead of New York for once.

Then I was interviewed at noon on WGN Radio about the CTA pushing forward the plans to extend the Red, Orange and Yellow lines. I haven't yet found a link to that interview.

For a nightcap, I joined the ChicagoNow launch party on aforementioned rooftop, and appeared with other bloggers on the 5:30 WGN Evening News. And I can't find a link to that either. Oh well.

But it was fun to meet the other bloggers -- Candid Candace Jordan, Billy Dec (A Chicago Thing), and Julie. Plus the fabulous ChicagoNow staff and great Tribune sales staff.

OK, enough of the gushing about me and my new home. We'll be back to more substantive CTA posts a little later today.  



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  • I'm happy that you're enjoying ChicagoNow, but honestly I could do without these posts.

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